A cura di Roberto MASTROIANNI e Amedeo ARENA

The purpose of this book, the fourth volume of the book series “I Quaderni del Corso di perfezionamento in diritto dell’Unione europea”, is to analyse some of the most recent developments in EU competition law and EU State aids law at their sixty-year mark. The sixteen contributions to this book build upon papers presented at the International Colloquium “60 Years of EU Competition Law: Stocktaking and Future Prospects”, held at the University of Naples “Federico II” Department of Law on 3 April 2017. That conference was organized by the University of Naples “Federico II” and the Catholic University of Portugal (Porto), under the patronage of the Foundation for Science and Technology of the Portuguese Ministry for Science, Technology, and Higher Education and of the European Policies Department of the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers, as one of the events held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the signature of the Treaties of Rome.